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The Woodburn School District (Nellie Muir Elementary) will provide the community with Folkloric Dancing , music and education from the different regions of Mexico. This will connect students and the community to their roots and culture; educate and promote tolerance, diversity, collaboration and appreciation of other cultures.

For the past 15 years, Nellie Muir Elementary (Woodburn School District) has provided the community with Folkloric Dancing (Baile Folklorico) and music (singing and Jaranas playing- eight stringed instrument from the Veracruz region or Mexico) in multiple venues surrounding the Cinco de Mayo holiday and other cultural  celebrations.  Over the years we have grown from 10 to 74 participants. Music and dances are chosen from the different regions of Mexico.  Part of the education is to provide the audience with a description of regional differences, as well as, information about the significance of the music, costumes and dance to that region.

We have  danced/sang and played for the Cinco de Mayo presentation for the City of Woodburn, at Woodburn High School for El Día del Niño, at the Taste of Woodburn event, Wilsonville Festival of Arts, at Nellie Muir Elementary, at Convalescent homes, at The Woodburn Fiesta Mexicana, many presentations at schools throughout the Willamette Valley and at the Teatro Milagro also in Portland for their Posadas celebration.  We have been asked to perform at Colleges/Universities, Community Centers, other public schools (both in and out of the area) and other community-based locations. In the past we also had the great opportunity to perform at a Blazers games. This has been a unique experience for many of our students. Besides performances, we offer free community workshops on sewing, embroidery and the creation of accessories (headpieces) for the various dances.  

 Our group “Cosecha Mestiza” engages 60+ youth in a creative expression of heritage, cultural awareness and proficiency.  We believe that the ultimate expression of creativity and proficiency is performance.  Through our performance we entertain and educate both ourselves and our audience to the rich cultural fountains that exist in Marion County.

We believe that supporting Baile Folklorico promotes the awareness of Marion County’s cultural assets and their value by way of learning and performing regional music and dance from Mexico- the birthplace of many of our students/parents. The level of commitment to this group is so high that the Principal, staff and parents also participate in the dancing.

We also believe that Baile Folklorico strengthens communities by upholding diverse cultural traditions, as well as vital urban centers and the distinctive character of small towns and neighborhoods.  We love to share the wealth of experience, history and culture both within our community and with other small towns and neighborhoods.